Why a Vacation Cottage is Preferable to a Traditional Hotel

Why a Vacation Cottage is Preferable to a Traditional Hotel

There’s nothing quite like a good vacation. Whether you’re working, between jobs or retired, clearing your mind, enjoying a change of scenery and recharging your batteries can do you a world of good. When embarking on long vacations, many people assume traditional hotels are their only lodging options. However, this assumption is incorrect – as evidenced by the growing popularity of vacation cottages. As you’ll find, these cozy rental properties have a number of advantages over run-of-the-mill hotels.

Considerably Roomier

If you go on vacation with a sizable number of friends and/or family members, a roomy vacation cottage is a much better choice than a cramped hotel room – or series of cramped hotel rooms. A nice-sized cottage ensures that every member of your travel party has sufficient breathing room and abundant personal space. Multiple bedrooms and spacious common areas ensure that people won’t be walking all over one another throughout the night, enabling everyone present to get a good night’s rest. If ample space is what you’re after, you’re sure to love these roomy Maine winter vacation rentals.

Less Noise to Contend With

If your travel party values peace and quiet, a vacation cottage should suit your needs perfectly. As anyone who’s ever spent the night at a crowded hotel can confirm, noise pollution is often abundant at these establishments – particularly when they’re booked for big events. Alternatively, renting a secluded quiet cottage is a great way to get away from the rambunctiousness and loud noise synonymous with busy hotels. If you want relaxation to play a significant role in your vacation, there’s no better option than a rental cottage.

Better Value for Extended Stays

Depending on how long your vacation is, renting a cottage may actually save you money. While it’s true that short-term cottage stays are often pricier than short-term hotel stays, this isn’t always the case with lengthy stays. Many vacation cottages can be rented on a monthly basis and cost somewhere in the area of $1,000 per month – which is considerably cheaper than a month-long stay at mid-level or high-class hotel. Long-term vacationers who enjoy getting the most for their money would do well to consider cottage rental for their next trip.

In many respects, the quality of one’s lodgings sets the general mood for a vacation. That being the case, you should never settle for less with when it comes to where you’ll be staying. Travelers on the hunt for spaciousness, serene quiet and fantastic value can find what they’re looking for with a well-maintained vacation cottage.


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